Triple Flare Recycling supports government incident camp recycling and waste management.


Triple Flare Recycling was created by waste management entrepreneur Philip Torchio to reduce landfill waste generated by incident management crews. Triple Flare is a companion company to The Broomsmen, which handles event logistics including setup, cleanup and recycling for weddings, corporate gatherings and concerts at Les Schwab Amphitheater in Bend, Oregon.


Triple Flare Recycling provides waste management and event cleanup in the wilderness   

The last thing on any firefighter’s mind when confronted with a wildfire is whether the water bottles they need to stay hydrated end up getting recycled. Now consider the hundreds of crew members working fires here in Oregon and you can imagine the insane amount of trash generated by fire camps. Fortunately, people who deal …

Triple Flare Helps Wildland Firefighting Camps Reduce Landfill Waste

Triple Flare Recycling Helps Wildland Firefighting Camps Reduce Landfill Waste SISTERS, Oregon — Supporting wildland firefighters means supplying bottled water and Gatorade by the pallet load. Making sure all that waste is recycled has been a low priority for crews tackling miles of wildfire, but that’s changing in the Willamette National Forest. The U.S. Forest …