Fire Camp COVID Response + Enhanced Sanitation

Enhanced Sanitation is the combination of onsite janitorial cleaning, routine disinfecting and COVID decontamination.

Offering first responders peace of mind and a healthy work environment.

Your Fire Camp COVID Response and Sanitation Team. Nationwide response, reliable service and 24 hour on call decontamination for first responders.

By having a plan and hiring professionals to work along side you, you can ensure that your camp will be Clean, Sanitized and Safe.

We follow CDC guidelines and provide all PPE, EPA rated disinfectants and transportation to keep camp crud and COVID from entering your camp. With over 100 days of active field experience, Triple Flare is the National Leader in providing COVID sanitation services to Federal Disaster Camps.

Triple Flare Enhanced Sanitation is orderable nationwide via EERA.

“Due to the current COVID Pandemic, we found their services to be vital in maintaining a safe, secure, and clean environment for our firefighters to work in. The crew was well versed in disinfection practices, appropriate cleaners, maintaining a clean environment, and COVID precautions. Triple Flare needs to be commended for the excellent service they provide and their amazing attitudes!” – LSC1 (Northern Rockies Type 1 Team 1)